Search Explorer ist für Abonnenten in unserem Plan „pro“ verfügbar.


  • Link-Analyse-Suite von Site Explorer
  • Keyword-Generierung/organische Statistiken
  • Trust Flow / Citation Flow
  • Bulk-Domain-Analysen
  • Visualisieren Sie Netzwerke mit Link Graph
  • Integration von Drittanbietern mit OpenApps


  • Alle PRO-Services sowie
  • API (Interne Verwendung)
  • Integration Ihres Dashboard
  • Entwickeln Sie interne Tools
  • Mehr Ressourcen, größere Analysetiefe

Search Explorer

Looking to understand competition for keywords? Search Explorer presents a keyword based view of the web by examining URLs, domain names and anchor text. Search Explorer presents a more granular view of Keyword Difficulty than can be found elsewhere.

Bereich „Majestic Search Explorer“

Understanding Search Explorer

Search Explorer represents an index of a huge volume of keywords based on a substantial data extract from the Majestic Fresh Index. The dedicated optimised inverted index returns up to 1000 URLs for queries.

Search Score can be thought of as conceptually equivalent to a Keyword Difficulty indicator. Search Score is based on analysis of an extract of link data from the Majestic Backlink Index. Unlike Keyword Difficulty scores however, a Search Explorer report breaks down Search Score into three categories:

  • inTitle – A score derived from the keyword prominence within the title tag of this search result
  • inAnchor – A score derived from the keyword frequency in external backlink anchor text linking to this search result
  • inURL – A score derived from the prominence of the keyword in the URL of the search result

The total Search Score can be thought of as combination of these factors together with the "visibility" of the relevant web page found in the search results.

Search Explorer Reports

There are four tabs in Search Explorer:

  • Search Results
  • Ranking Factors
  • Map
  • Match Counts

We have discussed how Search Results works above, and will now explore the remaining three tabs.

Ranking Factors

The ranking factors report breaks down the “InURL” score shown on the Search Results into greater detail.

Different parts of the URL contribute different weights to the overall score. You can see above how an “exact match” Domain scores far higher than a match on subdomain. You may also note that only exact matches qualify for “in URL” – other factors like in Title and in URL make up a lot of difference.

Search Explorer Ranking Factors graph view


The map attempts to visualise the server locations which host the content. While server location is less exact than business location, the measure can still be useful to illustrate problematic keywords where different cultures can derive a different meaning than intended.

Search Explorer map view

Match Counts

View an overview of how frequently your queried keyword appears within the Search Explorer results, broken down by occurrences in path, title, domain and more to gain a greater understanding of what's affecting ranking for your query, and why.

Search Explorer map view

How to access Search Explorer?

Search Explorer represents the most recent iteration on public facing Search by Majestic-12. Huge volumes of search are available to subscribers via the Majestic SEO SaaS platform at and via API.

Subscriptions for Search Explorer enabled plans on start at $99.99 pcm with 1 month commitment, pricing available in US Dollar, Euro and British Pounds.

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  • Aktueller Index
  • Site Explorer
  • Keyword Generator NEU!
  • Link Graph NEU!
  • Link Context
  • Verwandte Websites
  • Trust Flow
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  • Backlink Campaigns
  • Bulk Backlink Checker
  • Keyword Checker
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  • Verifizierte Domains
  • Historischer Index
  • Rohdaten-Exporte
  • Custom Reports
  • Websites vergleichen
  • Flow Metric Historie
  • Clique Hunter
  • Backlink Historie
  • Search Explorer
  • Kampagnen teilen
  • E-Mail-Benachrichtigungen
  • Network Neighbourhood
  • Vollständiges Unternehmensprofil
  • Experimentell
  • Rank Tracker (über Google Search Console)
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