Bitte beachten: Da das Unternehmen in England und Wales eingetragen ist, sind die Nutzungsbedingungen in englischer Sprache abgefasst und unterliegen dem englischen Recht.

Terms and Conditions

This document refers to the Terms and Conditions displayed on this site prior to September 2010. For the latest terms and conditions please visit this page. Please note that the layout was altered in July 2010 as a part of an update of webserving technology. The content was not meaningfully altered at this point.

Last Modified: 15th December 2009.
The pre 15th-December 2009 version of the terms and conditions is stored for your conveneince.

By using the website, products and services provided by Majestic-12 ltd ( A company Incorporated in England, within the United Kingdom ), or other groups, entities or organisations authorised by, and on behalf of Majestic-12 ltd, both parties agree to be bound by the following Terms and conditions.

We bring your attention to the Majestic SEO Privacy Policy, which forms part of the terms and conditions.

  1. Jurisdiction. All parties agree to submit to the sole jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
  2. Survivability. Should any part of this agreement be rendered invalid, the remaining terms shall remain in force.
  3. Alteration. Majestic-12 retains the right to vary this agreement. Should Majestic-12 seek to make use of this right it will post a modified version of the Terms and Conditions on the Majestic-SEO website. ( see section entitled "Changes to Terms and Conditions." for details)
  4. Lack Of Warranty. The services and information is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis without any warranty.
    1. Majestic-12 releases information based on data sourced from a distributed network. The client accepts that the gathering and source of this information is outside of Majestic-12's direct control and thus the client will take appropriate action, and sole responsibility for the verification of any information received from Majestic-12.
    2. All parties accept that, given the information is sourced, via a distributed network, from the Internet, it is not practically possible for said information to be manually inspected prior to release.
    3. Majestic 12 Ltd, to the maximum extent permitted in law, may not be held liable for the contents of any information or data contained in or forming it's services and products.
  5. Liability. Should an event ( or events ) occur that is determined by the court to place a liability on Majestic-12, the parties agree that:
    1. Should the event ( or events ) be related or associated with a given period of time, the liability of Majestic-12 ltd will be limited to the monies received by Majestic-12 ltd, from the client for the provision of services and products during said period of time.
    2. The maximum liability of Majestic-12 in any event shall be the monies received by Majestic-12 ltd from the client, for the given service or product causing rise to any dispute.
  6. Rights. Majestic 12's Database Anchor index is covered by the EU's Database Right as a work that shows originality in its selection, coordination and arrangement.
    1. The software developed to analyse data as well as this site is covered by the copyright owned by Majestic-12 Ltd.
    2. By allowing you to use our system we do not convey to you any ownership rights.
  7. Use of Information sourced or derived from any product or service provided by Majestic-12.
    1. The information is provided on the understanding that it will be used for research, such as the investigation of techniques used to understand how to optimise your own site or sites of your clients.
    2. The information may not be used to engage in "black hat" SEO, specifically spamming of any kind.
    3. The information may only be obtained by using authorised methods.
      1. Users are authorised to access our services using the methods described on our site - specifically when using a mainstream, standards compliant browser.
      2. Users should not attempt to take advantage of any feature that a reasonable person would consider an obvious omission or error on the site.
      3. Users may not attempt to bypass any functionality or directly access features site directly by using custom http ( or other ) calls, or attempt to manipulate the site, or access it in a manner other than in a way in which a reasonable person would consider normal permitted use of a website.
      4. Users are not permitted to query the Majestic-12 database or servers using any automated tools without getting prior written permission from us to do so. An exception is granted to Search engines, who may use automated tools to crawl our site so long as they obey robots.txt commands.
    4. The products or services provided by Majestic-12 ltd are to be used for internal purposes only.
      1. You are not allowed to create any derivative works or resell data that use our information without prior written permission.
      2. If you are buying information on behalf of your client, then your client is also bound by these conditions. If in doubt please contact us to confirm whether the use of data that you plan is acceptable or not. e.
      3. Should the intended use of the data not be expressed within these terms and conditions it is the responsibility of the client to contact Majestic-12 ltd for approval prior to any use of said data.
  8. Credits. The Majestic SEO website may permit the optional purchase of credits that may subsequently be used to purchase various reports as and when such service is available.
    1. Purchased but unused credits will expire after a period of at least 90 days after purchase.
      1. Any "grace period" offered by Majestic-SEO after the 90 day period is purely at the discretion of Majestic-SEO and should not be taken as an indication as to any future service offerings or the future availability of said credits.
      2. Following the 90 day Period, Majestic-12 may remove the credits at it's discretion, without forewarning or refund.
    2. Domain reports purchased under the credits system are valid for the period specified when purchased, up to a maximum of 12 months.
      1. After the period the domain report will expire and become unavailable.
      2. During the period, Majestic-12 will not charge for access to the domain report.
      3. Should the size of the information in the Domain Report grow considerably, Majestic-12 may require the client to make additional payment to update the information, or regenerate the report after deletion.
  9. Subscriptions. Majestic-12 ltd may permit the optional purchase of subscription packages that may facilitate access to services and products as and when such services and products are available.
    1. Subscription Period. Subscriptions are a service subject to periodic billing.
      1. Due to real world constraints, such as, but not limited to server availability and the reliance on third party services and products, the client accepts that it is not possible for Majestic-12 provide a set time or day on which one subscription period will lapse, and another begins. The client accepts that any description of subscription periods should therefore be expected to be approximate.
      2. At the beginning of every Subscription Period the Client becomes liable for the fees for said subscription period.
      3. In each subscription period, Majestic-12 grants access and use of resources to the client. Unless otherwise stated, access and use of these resources terminate at the end of each Subscription Period
      4. It is anticipated that the resources will be used evenly throughout the subscription period.
    2. Cancellations
      1. Cancellations by Clients. Cancellations are subject to a minimum contract term, specified when the subscription began. Whilst the client is free to cancel at anytime, Majestic-12 ltd will honour the agreement until the end of said period, and no refunds will be given for any period which the client may perceive the service as unused for.
      2. Cancellations by Majestic-12 ltd. Majestic-12 may cancel a subscription for any reason by giving notice equivalent to or greater than the "Subscription Period", where the Subscription period is less than a month, or a month in other circumstances. This clause does not limit the rights of Majestic-12 ltd to cancel the agreement for any other reason expressed in these conditions.
    3. Value Added Tax
      1. The Majestic-SEO website may grant clients from countries exempt from VAT the opportunity to purchase Subscriptions with no added VAT. Should a client misuse this facility and purchase a subscription where VAT is liable, Majestic-12 ltd reserve the right to cancel the subscription without notice and seek to recover any associated costs, including administrative costs from the client.
    4. Variation Of Charges
      1. Majestic-12 ltd may vary the subscription charges to reflect changes in taxation as applicable
      2. Majestic-12, may, at it's discretion, choose to defer or absorb rises in taxation for a period at Majestic-12's discretion.
  10. Cancellation of Service.
    1. Majestic-12 ltd may cancel or suspend any services offered without notice, at any point, to any user, if any of the following events occur, have been found to occur previously, or in the opinion of a reasonable person will in all likelihood occur:
      1. The user breaks the terms of these Terms and Conditions
      2. The user acts in such a way that a reasonable person would consider would damage the reputation or commercial prospects of Majestic-12 ltd
      3. Majestic-12 has received to a request to do so by law enforcement agencies
      4. The user acts in such a way that can be demonstrated to be outside of normal usage patterns, which may in turn:
        1. Increase Majestic-12's cost of operations
        2. Limit Majestic-12's ability to deliver services
        3. Otherwise affect the normal running of the business Majestic-12 ltd, or the business of it's clients, suppliers or partners.
    2. Should the service be suspended or cancelled due to a breach of terms by the client, the client will be liable to reasonable costs which may have been incurred by Majestic-12, or parties acting on behalf of, or in conjunction with Majestic-12 either as a result of the Users actions, during any investigation of the users actions, and during any subsequent dialogue, action or event relating to the cancellation or provision of product or service to the user.
    3. In the event of cancellation due to a breach of terms by the client, the client will be expected to:
      1. Cease the processing of any information, product, or derived data sourced from Majestic-12.
      2. Remove all copies of any information, product, or derived data sourced from Majestic-12.
      3. Make all reasonable steps to remove the information from
      4. Indemnify Majestic-12 from any claim made by any other party as a result of the cancellation or arising event.
    4. Majestic-12, may, at its discretion, choose to issue a warning to the client implying that cancellation may occur. Any such warning in no way affects any of the rights given to Majestic-12 ltd under this agreement, including those related to cancellation in terms of the event giving rise to said warning, or other contractual breaches.
  11. Changes to Terms and Conditions. Majestic 12 Ltd reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.
    1. Majestic-12 Ltd may change the terms and conditions by placing an updated copy of the terms and conditions on the Majestic-SEO website.
    2. When Majestic-12 ltd places an updated copy of the terms and conditions on the Majestic-SEO website they shall be deemed issued and received by the Customer.
    3. The client accepts that it is reasonable for the client to accept full responsibility for the periodic checking of the Majestic-SEO website for the presence of alterations to the terms and conditions.
    4. Should the terms and conditions be altered, the client shall be deemed to have accept them after a period of two weeks ( subsequently to be referred to as the "reasonable notification period" ) has passed following the updated Terms and Conditions being placed on the Majestic-SEO Website by Majestic-12 ltd .
    5. It is the clients responsibility to contact Majestic-12 within the reasonable notification period should the client have any uncertainty as to the meaning of any part or whole of the revised terms and conditions.
  12. Privacy. Majestic-12 ltd recognises that it's clients operate in a competitive market place. It is the policy of Majestic-12 ltd not to divulge customer information to third parties, except when necessary.
    1. Occasions when Majestic-12 will deem it necessary to release client information include but are not limited to:
      1. When requested to do so by law enforcement Agencies.
      2. When obliged to do so under law.
      3. For the purpose of pursuing outstanding debts or liabilities.
      4. When given permission to do so by said client
      5. By using our services the client permits Majestic 12 ltd to share limited information to enable the provision of products or services by Majestic-12 for the client, for example, Majestic-12 ltd may utilise third party services to process billing and charge customer cards for which we will need to pass certain details to said third party.
      6. When a reasonable person would consider it necessary to do so in order to safe guard the operations or future operations of Majestic-12 ltd, its suppliers, or its partners.
    2. Majestic-12 may contact clients to make them aware of significant changes to services or products.
      1. In addition, majestic-12 may send out regular email bulletins ( "the newsletter" ). Clients may opt out of the newsletter at anytime, by using the facilities on the Majestic-SEO website.
      2. Majestic-12 ltd may contact clients regardless of their privacy settings in response to queries made directly or indirectly to Majestic-12 ltd that may or may not be related to the services and Products Majestic-12 ltd offers.
  13. Contacting Majestic-12 ltd. Majestic-12 may be contacted by email at
    1. All parties accept that Majestic-12 ltd works on a number of different projects, many of which it may not be in Majestic-12 Ltd commercial interest to disclose.
      1. By contacting Majestic-12, the client grants Majestic-12 a worldwide, none exclusive perpetual right to any ideas, designs, information or other material contained in any communication, except when the client has obtained prior written consent from the Majestic-12 ltd board.
      2. The client agrees not to release any commercially sensitive information and data about there own operations.
      3. The client accepts that it will not under any circumstance consider information sent to Majestic-12 ltd to be subject to any form of non-disclosure agreement, except when the client has obtained prior written consent from the Majestic-12 ltd board.
    2. All parties accept that email is not a secure, guaranteed medium of transport. Emails should only be deemed received by Majestic-12 ltd upon the client receiving a manually created response.
    3. With the exception of the above points, all discussions over email are taken to be of informal nature, and should only be taken as binding when indicated as such by the Majestic-12 board.
    4. Any suggestions, reference or mention of any alteration to past, present or future contractual terms by Majestic-12 ltd should be regarded purely as speculative until such time that the client is in possession of written confirmation by the Majestic-12 board.
  14. Reasonableness. The client confirms that they have taken impartial advice on the contents and nature of this agreement, and as such considers it fair and reasonable.